Meet the 'Bad Girls All Star Battle' Cast: Gabi Season 8

by Lauren Zupkus |

Gabi (Season 8 – Las Vegas) @IamGabiVictor 

Methuen, MA

Bossy, funny and overbearing, Gabi has opinions about everything, especially when it comes to her twin, “Bad Girl” Dani.  Known as
‘the spoiled twin,’ this strong competitor with a snappy attitude is ready to prove, especially to her twin sister, that she has what it takes to be “Baddest Bad Girl of All Time.”  If she wins, she hopes to help her parents out and open a Doggie Day Care.


Meet the 'Bad Girls All Star Battle' Cast: Amber, Season 3

by Lauren Zupkus |

Amber (Season 3) @ambermeade

Hollywood, CA

Raised in a religious family in a small town in Minnesota, Amber takes Oakland Raider’s football owner Al Davis’ approach to life -- “Just win, baby.”  Don't let this bombshell blonde, with her goofy attitude and sweet disposition, fool you. She will do whatever it takes to win: cheat, lie, and steal... and she won't hesitate to crush anyone who gets in her way, especially with 100 grand on the line.  While others are here for the battle, Amber is here to win the war.


Meet the 'Bad Girls All Star Battle' Cast: Danni, Season 8

by Lauren Zupkus |

Danni (Season 8 – Las Vegas) @IamDanniV

Methuen, MA

With 150 pairs of high-heels, this barely 5-foot tall sharp-tongued girl doesn’t wear sneakers unless she’s “pretending” to go to the gym. However, it’s all about competition for Danni and she has her sights on the 100K so she and her twin sister Gabi can move out on their own and find their independence.


Meet the 'Bad Girls All Star Battle' Cast: Erika, Season 9

by Lauren Zupkus |



Erika (Season 9 – Mexico) @LucciVee

Chicago, IL

Erika is a quick-witted, Chicago-based rapper with a reputation for “heating and frying” her opponents when she verbally outwits and insults them. This mischievous, boyfriend-stealer refuses to lose. In fact she rarely plays fair and will happily cheat to do whatever it takes in order to win. After a much heated encounter during the reunion show, Erika will meet face-to-face once again with her nemesis Julie.  She is hoping to get her hands on the grand prize so she can fast-track her music career.


Meet the 'Bad Girls All Star Battle' Cast: Flo, Season 4

by Lauren Zupkus |

Flo (Season 4 – Los Angeles) @FloBGC

Staten Island, NY

With her tough talking, “born to be bad” style, this bisexual party girl refuses to be the Albanian Muslim ideal of a passive, obedient female her family would hope for.  Flo always encourages women to stand up for themselves and is prepared to fight for the underdog at the drop of a hat.  Her constant mothering and judgmental behavior rubbed fellow “Bad Girl” Natalie the wrong way in season four, but this on-again-off again friendship will be put to the ultimate test during the battle.  Flo has her eyes on the prize, and knows the money will help her provide stability to her 18-month-old daughter.


Meet the 'Bad Girls All Star Battle' Cast: Jenniffer, Season 10

by Lauren Zupkus |

Jenniffer (Season 10 – Atlanta) @SaluteMeImJenn

San Bernadino, CA

From exotic dancing to juggling men, Jenniffer isn’t one for following rules and refuses to settle for an ordinary lifestyle.  Although she prefers to talk it out, she admits that if you cross her, she can go for zero to 120 in 3.5 seconds.  She doesn’t always see eye to eye with her former roommate Rocky since their notorious fight over a hot pocket. But she is willing to put everything on the line, to save her brother from foster care and prove to the courts that she can support her family.


Meet the 'Bad Girls All Star Battle' Cast: Judi, Season 7

by Lauren Zupkus |

Judi (Season 7 – New Orleans) @JUDiJAiKRAZi

Lake Charles, LA 

Judi is a highly aggressive competitor with a trick up her sleeve and hopes her voodoo spell on the ladies will keep her in the game till the end.  Always emotional, she will undoubtedly be the first to be brought to tears after losing a competition.  After all, she is an only child and is used to being the center of attention. This “Creole Star” hopes being in the Battle will make her mom proud and prove to her that she’s has what it takes to win.  With the money, Judi would be able to pay back her loans to finish her last year of college.


Meet the 'Bad Girls All Star Battle' Cast: Julie, Season 9

by Lauren Zupkus |

Julie (Season 9 – Mexico) @JulieOfcharsky

Boston, MA

Julie claims she’s like a kitten, “cute and lovable, but if you piss me off, I’ll claw your eyes out.” A former drama geek who left her awkward “fugly” phase behind, Julie showed her self-esteem and arrogance in Mexico as the ultimate schemer of the house.  She is coming into the Battle with a strategy and plans to outsmart all the other girls with her wits.  With her eye on the prize, she hopes to use the cash to give back and help her parents.


Meet the 'Bad Girls All Star Battle' Cast: Mehgan, Season 9

by Lauren Zupkus |

Mehgan (Season 9 – Mexico) @mehganjames

Houston, TX

Known as a self-proclaimed “nudist at heart,” Mehgan from Season 9 is a sassy bougie girl who must look her best at all times. It can’t be forgotten that this bright girl graduated from high school a year early, but she also isn’t afraid to speak her mind, especially with 100K at stake and an opportunity to pay off her school loans.


Meet the 'Bad Girls All Star Battle' Cast: Natalie, Season 4

by Lauren Zupkus |

Natalie (Season 4 – Los Angeles) @missnatalienunn

Bay Area, CA

Natalie made a name for herself in Season 4 with her “I run LA socialite” persona.  Entering the house with the baddest of the bad, she is not about to allow any of these ‘Bad Girls’ to run all over her or try to dominate her game.  Now an international socialite, she’s not in the competition for the money; she is in it to show these girls who’s the boss.




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